So, your child has completed their Learn 2 Swim private lesson training and now they’re ready for group lessons. But once they’ve learned the basics, why should you keep them in groups? Is there really that much more to learn? At Swimfinity? Definitely! Here are four ways we think sticking with our program will benefit your child!


1. New groups and lessons bring on new challenges
Our program was specifically developed in tiers so there is always room to build upon previous skills. The higher you move up in our program, the harder the skills, but the more you learn and grow! Moving throughout our program teaches children to take on new challenges with a positive attitude, assisted by our smiley instructors who tailor each lesson to make sure their swimmers are learning and being pushed to try something new!


2. Learn to meet new and specific goals
In order to move throughout our program, certain skills and goals must be met in order to improve and build. These skills are tracked by instructors (and parents using the iClassPro app!), and made aware to students. The harder they work on mastering a skill the quicker they will be able to move up to the next group! It keeps our staff motivated to insure students are meeting goals, and students excited about progressing!


3. Build athleticism and coordination
There are four core strokes in swimming; freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Each stroke utilizes a muscle group completely different than the others. Mastering all four strokes improves overall athleticism and can help to increase coordination in a young body!


4. Increased water safety
With learning new strokes comes new ways of being safe and secure in the water. For example, how can we be safe while doing lap swim? Our program not only focuses on building strokes but introduces new safety skills with each group, as endurance, strength and confidence are improved. Floating on your back is a very important safety skill learned in the very beginning of our program, but there’s always more to learn!