4 Reasons Why Your Child Should Swim Through the Winter


1. Repetition is best for long term retention
Months of lessons end up going to waste when skills are not consistently practiced and refined. The best way to be prepared for summer break is not to start lessons once school ends, but to enroll over the winter and insure that children have developed the proper skills before entering the water!


2. Swimming is the best cure for winter boredom
The winter months are cold and dark, it often leads to a disinterest in getting up and being active. At Swimfinity, our bright and heat concealed facility is the best place to take a day-cation! Take a break from screens to splash around and make some new friends during lessons!


3. Less swimmers means more 1 on 1 attention
Winters are often filled with skiing, snowboarding, iceskating, and other indoor sports. Enroll your child during the winter months for smaller class sizes and more 1 on 1 attention from their instructor!


4. It’s always warm at Swimfinity
To keep our swimmers and instructors comfortable and happy in the pool, we heat our water to remain at a toasty 90 degrees! Even on the coldest, snowiest days it’s always a perfect day for a swim at Swimfinity!