Swimfinity Team

Chloe Fogle: From right here in North Salem, Chloe is one of our longest tenured instructors at Swimfinity! An All-Conference High School Athlete, Chloe has had a passion for swimming and aquatics her entire life, and uses that passion to get the most out of every student she teaches. Chloe has a kind and gentle approach to her lessons while also able to help her students quickly progress with their swimming and gain confidence in the water.




Russell Broderick: With an illustrious career spanning over 15 years in aquatics, Russell Broderick is a true luminary in the swimming world. Instantly recognizable by his trademark full-body wetsuit, Russell captivates his students with his exuberant and lively teaching style. Having imparted his expertise in swim lessons across Westchester County, Russell has now brought his unparalleled energy and enthusiasm to Swimfinity. To quote Russell, “my philosophy on swimming is based on these two principles; the best way to learn swimming is by making it a fun and enjoyable experience for each and every student, and that a knowledge of swimming, as well as a smile after every lesson, share equal importance.”


Lindsay Laman: With a plethora of experience in aquatics and management, Lindsay Laman is Swimfinity’s amazing Aquatics Director. Most of the time, Lindsay is the first person your child meets when your suit is on and you’re entering the pool area, as she makes sure every instructor and student is right where they need to be before their swim lesson. As a parent, Lindsay is your point of contact if an instructor needs to know something specific about your child, and vise versa.

Nico Gaglio: Nico, our esteemed primary survival swim instructor at Swimfinity, is renowned for his exceptional charisma and unwavering dedication to his students. With an impressive track record spanning over 5 years in swim teaching, Nico has consistently achieved outstanding results in our survival swim program. His expertise in this specialized field, often conducted through personalized, one-on-one sessions, has made him a trusted guide for countless learners. Additionally, Nico’s comprehensive understanding of the curriculum has led to his pivotal role in training our new instructors, ensuring the highest quality of instruction for all. With Nico’s guidance and expertise, your child will embark on a transformative journey towards water safety and proficiency.

Sarah Cassidy: Meet Sarah Cassidy, our exceptional swim instructor at Swimfinity Swimming Academy. With 15 years of experience as a competitive dancer, including representing team USA at the world tap championships, Sarah brings a unique blend of grace and precision to her teaching. As a local North Salem resident, she is deeply connected to the community we serve. Sarah’s teaching style is characterized by thoughtfulness and care, ensuring that each student receives personalized attention and guidance. With her vast repertoire of swim drills and well-rounded expertise, she is dedicated to helping students excel at every level.

Taylor Fogle: Introducing Taylor Fogle, our dedicated lifeguard and instructor at Swimfinity Swimming Academy! As a HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership) student and recipient of the Scholar-Athlete award for her accomplishments in soccer and lacrosse, Taylor embodies the qualities of leadership and teamwork. Hailing from North Salem, NY, she has a deep understanding of our local community. While Taylor’s teaching style is still evolving, her background in leadership and sports suggests that she brings a sense of discipline, motivation, and the ability to foster a collaborative learning environment. With her passion for water safety and commitment to helping others, Taylor is poised to make a positive impact on the development of our students.

Polly Delafield: Meet Polly Zelafield, the friendly face and lead receptionist at Swimfinity Swimming Academy. With her warm smile and welcoming demeanor, Polly ensures that every visitor feels at home from the moment they step through our doors. With over 15 years of experience working with children of all ages, Polly brings a wealth of knowledge and a genuine passion for creating a positive experience for families. As a certified life coach through NYU, she brings a unique perspective to her role, offering support and guidance to parents and students alike. Whether it’s answering questions, scheduling classes, or providing a listening ear, Polly is dedicated to making your Swimfinity experience exceptional.

Bryan Valverde: Bryan Valverde, a valued member of our swim school community, brings extensive experience and expertise as one of our longest-tenured instructors. He plays a vital role in our private lesson program, providing personalized guidance and support to his students. Bryan’s teaching style seamlessly combines direct instruction with a fun-loving approach, ensuring an engaging and effective learning environment. Outside the pool, his passion for cars and auto detailing/car modifying shines through, reflecting his commitment to precision and creativity. Discover the joy of swimming with Bryan as your dedicated instructor at Swimfinity Swimming Academy.

Johnny Murray: A consummate professional and the backbone of our lifeguarding team, Johnny Murray takes charge of maintaining a safe and secure pool environment at Swimfinity. Alongside Lindsay, our esteemed aquatics director, Johnny ensures the smooth operations of our facility during lessons. With an impressive background as an EMT for three years, Johnny aspires to further his career in the medical field, driven by a strong desire to become a doctor in the future. His dedication to safety, coupled with his passion for healthcare, make Johnny an invaluable asset to our team.

Sam Stofko: With her infectious energy and joyful personality, Sam Stofko brings a delightful atmosphere to every lesson. Sam’s teaching style is filled with boundless enthusiasm, laughter, and smiles, ensuring that each child has a fantastic time while learning valuable swimming skills. Having been a part of Swimfinity for 2 years, she has become a beloved member of our team. Currently pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education, Sam aspires to become a dedicated teacher, fostering connections with every child she has the privilege of working with.

Jon Garcia: Jon Garcia is one of our most experienced instructors and one of the pre-comp team coaches at Swimfinity! Fluent in both English and Spanish, Jon brings a unique bilingual perspective to his teaching. With nearly a decade of teaching experience and holding certifications as a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (WSI) and USA Swim Coach, he is well-equipped to guide young swimmers towards success. Jon’s teaching style strikes the perfect balance between firmness and fun, creating an environment where students thrive. His exceptional rapport with his students allows him to unlock their full potential and achieve remarkable swimming milestones.


Allie Coschignano: Meet Allie Coschignano, one of our newest instructors at Swimfinity. Allie’s gentle and caring teaching style is a perfect match for our younger students. Her expertise shines in private lessons and our Fundamentals group classes, where she excels at building strong connections with our youngest students. Allie is dedicated to making every lesson a positive and fun experience, helping young swimmers develop essential skills while fostering a love for the water. Your child’s swim journey is in great hands with Allie at Swimfinity!