How Swimming Can Make Your Child Overall Happier


1. Regular exercise helps manage stress and provides relief
A long day in the classroom can result in a lot of built up tension for young children. Having consistent and regularly scheduled exercise will assist greatly in relieving some of the stress. In addition, Swimfinity lessons are packed with fun like diving for toys or playing with any of our other floating obstacle course pieces. Our swimmers leave every swim practice with a big smile, no matter what they may have felt on the way in.


2. Group classes offer a chance to build social skills
Our pool has up to three groups operating at once, and are capped at four people per group lesson. There’s always time to make new friends whether your child is waiting for their lesson in our blue lobby room, or splashing around with the rest of their swim group! Plus, making friends during lessons encourages children to come back for more lessons!


3. Helps your child overcome fears and anxieties
A lot of challenges come along with learning how to swim, but so does an overwhelming sense of accomplishment when they master their skills! Overcoming their fears and anxieties in the pool teaches cautious children that with hard work and perseverance they could tackle any difficult task that faces them.


4. Provides a positive experience for children with special needs
Swimming not only offers exercise of the physical body, but can help develop many other skills; gross motor skills, cognitive skills, and overall coordination! Our small class sizes allow for extra care and attention to be paid to your child’s needs as we assist them in developing the proper swimming skills to move through our Stroke School program.

Added benefits are trust development—not only in their instructor—but in themselves, as they learn to navigate the aquatic world around them, and developed forms of communication—even for a child who may be nonverbal.