Definitely not! Our program is designed for advancement. Once your child conquers one portion of their swimming journey at Swimfinity, there are many steps to follow! Advancing through our Stroke School program has the same benefits as enrolling in Swim School!

1. Building strength in the pool.
There might be times when lifeguard or pool guardian eyes shift from the pool, even if it’s just for a second. You want the confidence in your child that they will be strong enough to carry themselves in the water. Our Stroke School program not only reinforces safety skills learned in Swim School private lessons, but works to build endurance and strength by introducing more strokes and added distance.


2. Building muscle strength.
Swimming has been a tool used by many professional athletes (basketball, baseball, etc.) to build up strength in their muscles. Each stroke learned utilizes a different muscle group then the one learned beforehand. For a comprehensive and full body workout, all 4 strokes must be learned and mastered—which can be done with our Stroke School program!


3. Swimming is a social sport.
Especially at Swimfinity, our group classes and pre-team have fostered friendships that exist outside of our pool area! Swimming is an excellent way to build social confidence, as well as muscles and cardio endurance!