From the bathtub to a neighborhood pool, swimming accidents can occur anywhere. At Swimfinity, we saw a need for survival swim lessons in the North Salem/Brewster area that teach children quickly how to not only swim but to also survive should they find themselves alone in water.

Survival Swim Lessons

Our program teaches infants and young children the swim-float-survive method of swimming. This survival swimming method teaches children water safety techniques, while also equipping them with life-saving skills. Children are taught to surface, roll on to their back to float and get a breath, then swim to the nearest exit point or wait for an adult (depending on their age and skill level).

Investment in Your Child’s Safety

Unlike traditional swim lessons, our goal is to teach children to swim safely, quickly. Repetition and consistency are key for children learning to swim. Students 4 years old and under attend 10-minute lessons for 4 days a week. Older children may attend two days per week for 20- minute lessons. The cost of lessons is a weekly fee for the number of weeks your child needs. While the investment of survival swim lessons may be more upfront, your child learns to swim in weeks (not years) keeping your overall investment lower compared to traditional, group swim lessons.

The Swimfinity Guarantee

At Swimfinity Swimming Academy, we guarantee your child will be swimming independently in weeks, not years! At Swimfinity, children learn the swim-float-survive method in 6 weeks or less – guaranteed! If your child has been consistent in attending lessons and goes beyond twenty four ten minute lessons or twelve 20 minute lessons, then there is no charge for additional lessons needed.

Indoor, Heated Salt Water Pool

Swimfinity’s swim facility is open year round, offering private swim lessons, group lessons, stroke development, and competitive swimming. Lessons are taught in an indoor, heated saline pool. The salt water pool offers lower chlorine levels, and is more gentle on skin, eyes, and swimwear. Our pool is kept at 90 degrees, for a comfortable in-water experience.

Private Swim Lessons

At Swimfinity, we understand every child takes time to adjust to water and a new learning environment, and they each learn to swim at different paces. Our survival swim lessons are taught one-on-one to ensure your child fully learns these crucial survival swim techniques. In order to accommodate you and take advantage of the best learning times for your child, we offer a flexible schedule Monday – Saturday, depending on instructor availability.

LifeLong Love of Swimming

At Swimfinity, we are dedicated to teaching survival swim techniques while promoting a lifelong love of swimming! Our goal is to empower children with life-saving skills, while building self-esteem. Once your child graduates our survival swim program, we will move them from private lessons into group swim lessons. These fun, recreational groups allow your child to retain and build upon their new aquatic skills year-round. We believe your child will learn critical water safety skills through our swim programs, and they will build a foundation for lifelong enjoyment of the water. We would love to give your child the gift of aquatic survival, and a lifelong love of swimming!

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