Swimming Lessons Westchester County, NY

Results in weeks, not years.

We help moms prevent drowning by helping infants and children to become safe, confident swimmers –in weeks, not years. Guaranteed.

Who We Are

Swim Lessons Westchester County, NY

Swimfinity is a team of full-time, expert swim instructors who are committed to helping your children become safe and confident around the water.

In the United States, drowning is the leading cause of death among children aged 1 to 4, but with the right skills, toddlers can be completely safe in the pool or bathtub. At Swimfinity, we teach your children these life-saving skills.


What Programs We Offer

Infant Swim Lessons Westchester County, NY

Our main focus is survival swimming, and we take this service seriously. So seriously, that we perform personalized lessons for your child, to ensure that they receive 100% of the instructor’s attention. Our programs can start when your child is as young as 6 months, or old enough to sit up, at which point we’ll teach them how to roll over and float safely in the water until help arrives.

Once children are able to walk, we can advance them to survival swimming lessons. These are still completely personalized, but go further than the earlier lessons, teaching your child not only to float but also to swim to the edge of the water and bring themselves to safety.

While teaching your child to be safe in the water is our primary focus, we also want them to be able to swim confidently and happily. Once children have completed survival swimming programs, we’re happy to advance them to stroke school, where in groups of 4-6 they’ll develop their swimming techniques further.


Prevent drowning the right way.

Make sure your child learns to swim safely and early with Swimfinity’s survival swimming lessons.

Parents are also encouraged to learn alongside their child to help support child skills retention.

Individualized lessons catered to your child.

Your child won’t get lost in the group with Swimfinity’s private lessons. Our instructors focus on each student individually.

They have years of experience and the necessary training to help your child learn to swim.

Staying safe doesn’t have to be difficult.

Swimfinity helps children of all ages stay safe in and around the water.

Our swimming lessons teach your child valuable survival techniques.

I would have never believed that my daughter (who didn’t like to get her face wet in the bathtub) would be begging to stay in the pool after only 3 short weeks!

-Sheila G.

Ali taught our daughter the swim float swim technique in just 5 weeks. My daughter now knows exactly what to do when she gets in the water, and now loves to swim.

-MaryBeth E.

I hope this never happens, but if my son ever accidentally falls into a pool, I am confident he would be ok until an adult can get to him. He absolutely loves to swim now!

-Ali Hancock

Explore our Swimming Programs

From the bathtub to the neighbor’s pool, swimming accidents can occur anywhere. Knowing how to swim is one of the most important parts of a child’s safety.

Swimfinity’s swim lessons are proven to make your child a stronger swimmer and prepare them for any emergency situation.

Here’s how it works:


Email or call for more information.

We are happy to answer your questions, describe our programs, discuss which program will best suit the needs of your child or schedule a tour.



We’ll schedule a a time to evaluate your child for best class placement. You can select from available class times, and register.

Start Swimming!

Once enrollment is complete, your child is ready to learn to swim!

The SwimFinity™ Guarantee

Our program is guaranteed to produce results, for infants and children learning to survival swim, within 6 weeks if you are consistent in attending scheduled lessons.

If your child has been consistent in attending lessons and goes beyond 24 x 10 min lessons or 12 x 20 minute lessons, then there is no charge for the additional lessons.

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