Will my baby enjoy swim lessons?

Many parents wonder whether their child will enjoy swimming lessons.

We know there are many benefits of teaching children how to swim, however, we want to be sure our child has the best experience possible.

Our swimming classes are designed to help children stay safe around water while maximizing learning opportunities and building a lifelong enjoyment of water.  Sometimes, however, a child may initially not enjoy their swim classes.

It’s important to remember that this is a time of uncertainty for your child as they are introduced to new skills. This is all part of the learning process and as your child’s confidence grows, their enjoyment of swimming will grow as well.  You’ll see as your child gets acclimated to the classes, their mood and attitude will change significantly.  Soon they will be laughing and playing and having fun. I believe as a mother of four children, young kids are continually watching their parents and are affected by their energy and emotions. If you become anxious and stressed, so will your child. If you remain calm it will help your child relax and enjoy him or herself.

The best you can do is stay positive and remain confident that you are always trying to do the best for your child. This attitude not only helps in the context of learning how to swim but also as it pertains to life in general.

It is always our goal to instill a life-long love for swimming, and every child that graduates from our classes is sure to benefit from this… so in the end, yes they will learn to love it!