About Swimfinity™

Kids should be able to learn to swim in weeks, not years.

Guaranteed Results

Swimming safely is a must. Swimfinity survival swim classes teach your children how to save themselves.

Swimfinity™ is dedicated to teaching children water safety techniques while promoting a lifelong love of swimming. Our goal is to empower children with life-saving skills while boosting self-esteem. 

Your child will be swimming independently and with confidence within weeks.

Personalized training

Children progress at their own pace, which is why we offer personalized training for each of our students.

Your child will receive their trainer’s undivided attention, 100% of the time.

Children love mastering a new skill and take great pride in their achievements. Your child’s success will boost their self-confidence.

If you prefer a slower start, Little Dippers child and caregiver water acclimation class may be right for you.  Children 3 months – 2.5 years. 

Experienced Professionals

  • Swimfinity™ is dedicated to teaching children water safety techniques while promoting a lifelong love of swimming
  • Our goal is to empower children with life-saving skills while boosting self-esteem. 
  • Children love mastering a new skill and take great pride in their achievements. Your child’s success will boost their self-confidence and make them eager to take on further challenges. 
  • We specialize in the proven methods of proven methods that have been developed over four decades to ensure that every student can master aquatic skills in weeks not years 
  • It would be our pleasure to give you child the gift of aquatic survival and a lifetime of swimming fun.

The SwimFinity™ Guarantee

Our program produces results, for children 12 months and up learning to survival swim, within 6 weeks if you are consistent in attending scheduled lessons.

If your child has been consistent in attending lessons and goes beyond 24 x 10 min lessons or 12 x 20 minute lessons, then there is no charge for the additional lessons.

My son started classes with Ali just before his 3rd birthday in June. On his first day he didn’t even want to put his head under water… yesterday he swam across the entire pool. I hope this never happens, but if he ever accidentally falls into a pool I am confident he would be ok until an adult can get to him. He absolutely loves to swim now! I cannot recommend this program enough!!!

Ali is just so amazing! Emma is 16 months old and has done classes for 5 weeks so far and she is soo good! Proud Mama every class. Ali is just so patient and loving with the kids! We cant thank you enough for helping us get through this fun and awesome journey. So much more swimming to do!

New Modern Facility


Salt water pool

Lower chlorine levels – gentler on skin and eyes and less fading of expensive swimwear.


Warm Water

Pool warmed to 90 degrees for a comforting and comfortable in-water experience.


Online Parent Portal

View and manage your child’s schedule online!

About Swimfinity™ 

Swimfinity Story

Parents take great care to keep our children safe, spending countless dollars …on car seats, baby gates, cabinet locks, baby monitors and more.

What most parents don’t know is –drowning is the number one cause of preventable death for children under 5.

Water survival lessons are often overlooked. Babies and children who are able to sit and roll over on their own, are able to learn to float. This can start as early as 6 months of age. Water dangers are all around –Beaches, ponds, lakes, friend’s pools and even bathtubs are all hazards.

Ali has two close friends with first-had experience and fortunately both had good outcomes.

In the first instance – the parent was home, but the child got out of the house and through the safety gate. The eleven-year-old sister was the only witness. Thank God she didn’t panic and knew what to do. She swam to the bottom of the pool, dragged her little brother out and performed CPR (which she had seen on TV). He recovered.

In the second experience, – two friends were at a pool party with their two children. The parents looked away for just an instant and silently their four-year old son sank to the bottom of the pool, –drowning is silent, drowning children do not splash or make noise. Thankfully someone noticed and he was quickly pulled to safety and recovered.

Many children that weren’t as lucky. One child is too many to be taken by this very preventable tragedy. Some parents –may feel apprehensive to enroll very young children in swim lessons, –some simply don’t know about them and –some don’t have the time.

At Swimfinity we believe every  child should be provided lifesaving skills while developing a love for swimming and the self-confidence that comes with accomplishment.

Ask yourself, how would your child react if they were faced with an aquatic emergency?

As a highly qualified instructor, Ali has a Starfish Aquatic Institute Certification, trained extensively with Ginny Ferguson of Smartfish Academy, has a 100 Hour In-Water Infant Aquatics Certification,  and she is certified with  American Red Cross First Aid and CPR.

Ali, prior to being a full-time home mom, Ali spent 10 years in National Broadcast Television Advertising, working at Grey Advertising in NYC as a National Broadcast Media Supervisor and then moved to MTV Networks, Nickelodeon Advertising Sales. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Sacred Heart University.

Meet Ali

Ali Sisca is the Swimfinity Swimming Academy founder and principal instructor and is excited to bring this amazing program to our area.

As a mom of four small children, she knows first-hand the importance of water safety skills for kids. After enrolling her first child in survival swimming lessons at age two, she knew immediately this was something she wanted to bring to others.

Five years later and with all four of her children completing the program, she took the next step –to become a certified instructor.

Ali founded Swimfinity and has been committed to reducing the likelihood of aquatic tragedies in her community.

While Ali and her husband Joe Sisca III, have been partners in this effort, Joe …immensely proud of Ali, starting and being the “backbone” of Swimfinity, running the business from temporary locations over the past 3 1/2 years and bringing infant aquatic safety to so many kids.

Joe and Ali decided they could expand Swimfinity, helping many more kids, by building a permanent facility.

Through that time, Joe was busy working to secure all necessary approvals from the Town of North Salem and the Board of Health, as well as coordinating and overseeing the construction of the new Swimfinity Swimming Academy facility which opened in June 2019.

Meet Joe

Joe Sisca, III is a graduate of Cardoza School of Law and was in practice for approximately 5 years before joining his father’s business.

Now President of the Sisca Organization, Joe is responsible for the oversight of the entire group of Sisca companies focused on General Contracting and Real Estate Development.

In his “spare time”, Joe enjoys spending time with Ali and their 4 children, family and friends, cooking and is also an avid outdoorsman.