Swimfinity Parents Testimonials

Laura D.

“Since both of my kids have no fear and love of water, we knew they needed the Learn 2 Swim class at Swimfinity. Both children completed the class before age 2. This was by far one of the best investments in our children. Ali and her team know exactly what they are doing and execute the lessons with pure perfection. They both will excel with weekly lessons, and give this Momma some ease and piece of mind near the pool!”

Becky S.

“Cannot say enough about Swimfinity. I honestly did not understand the process – – but it works. My daughter started in early summer and became an incredible swimmer – she went from not putting her face in the water to the precomp group in 3 months. We worked with Karen but all of the instructors are fantastic. My daughter fell in love with swimming and being in the water – the transition was incredible to watch.”

Renea D.

“We started taking our son at 6 months old and he is now a year and a half. Watching the progress has been amazing. He now knows how to float, roll over, kick and find the edge of the pool. And he’s not even 2 years old! The classes are all. about water safety. The instructors are amazing and bond with our son, gives him high fives and pushes him to do more and have fun. Thank you Swimfinity for providing a top-notch service!”

Linley T.

“Swimfinity has exceeded every expectation we had out of a swim school. We signed up for the program last spring, as a last-ditch attempt to get my 5 year old daughter swimming, and crucially, to get over her intense fear of going under water. We had tried several other swim programs before, with no success. Swimfinity expertise and one-on-one approach was the game-changer for us. Within a few short weeks, my daughter went from freaking out over even getting her face wet in the bath to SWIMMING, underwater, ON HER OWN. She is now an absolute FISH, confidently using different strokes to swim across the pool. She counts the days until she go to her weekly Strokes class at Swimfinity.
When it was time to sign my next daughter up for lessons, we had no doubt that Swimfinity was the place to be. She, too, has learned to swim independently in the program, and I can’t believe the progress she’s made in such a short time, and how much fun she’s had doing it.
Swimfinity is, hands-down, the very best swim school around. Period!”

Grace D.

“I have been bringing my daughter to Swimfinity for over a year now. We started the intensive 6 week course when she was around 16 months old and it was the best decision we’ve made for her. Not only does she absolutely love the water, now at two and half, she feels very comfortable and confident jumping in and playing. The first few weeks were rough – lots of tears and apprehension – but by the end of her course, she was proud to show off her new skills! It was a huge difference from start to finish. With a lot of hard work and dedication from the team, now there are no more tears! We have been doing group sessions ever since and she asks to go to the pool almost daily. It has been such a joy to watch her grow as a swimmer within the program. It has been a pleasure working with Ali, Erin, and the Swimfinity team. I’m comfortable and reassured handing my kiddo over to the skilled teachers. I highly recommend for swimmers of all ages and I cannot wait to get my 6 month old into the program as well.”

Alana P.

We love swimfinity! My two sons have had an amazing experience: We love all the instructors and especially Erin at the front desk.

Aly M.

“My son started the survival course when he was a little less than 3 years old. He hated water (including bath time) and did not go to strangers well. I was hesitant to enroll him into the survival course, some of my thoughts were: There’s no way my son will learn after just 10 min a day, 4 days a week for 6 weeks, there must be fine print somewhere that makes their “guarantee to swim” statement not true, will this traumatize him so he’ll hate the water even more? Should I wait till he was older? Honestly my son cried for the first week when he had class and it was tough to see. The second week he was begging to go to class. A few weeks after that, he started to swim! All kids learn at their own speed, my son actually went a week over the 6 week mark and it was at no cost. The guarantee statement is true!! By the end of the course not only did he develop the survival skills, he loves the water (including bath time) and loves learning new skills swimfinity continues to teach him in group lessons. My 1 year old son just started the survival course this week and I plan on enrolling my younger daughter next year when she turns 1 too. Thank you to everyone at Swimfinity!”

Molly H.

“I cannot say enough good things about Swimfinity!! My son (18 months old) just completed the survival program and I am so impressed with what he has learned, and I have such peace of mind now whenever we are around a body of water!! Nico is fantastic and my mind is blown for what he was able to teach my son!! His calm demeanor and connection he was able to make with my son really shows the excellent training and dedication he has to helping young children be and feel safe in the water. I would recommend Swimfinity to everyone I know and look forward to continuing maintenance lessons! We love the whole Swimfinity team!!”

Pasha K.

We have been coming to Swimfinity for the past 2 years. If you are looking for a place that will provide custom swimming instruction that your child needs, this is the place! very organized and will teach your kid how to swim! Highly recommend. 5 stars all the way!

Alicia C.

We absolutely love Swimfinity! We started being my daughter there just before her first birthday. She completed the survival swim program and we have continued going to maintenance lesson.
I really can’t say enough great things about this place. The staff is all so kind and Nico has shown incredible patience and kindness to my daughter.
Don’t hold off on these lessons! You will be amazed at what your baby can do.

Indra S.

Swimfinity successfully helped my son learn how to survival swim. We paid for lessons at multiple other places with no success. Special thanks to Bryan and Ryan for helping our son’s journey. This was definitely worth it!

Brita G.

 We have had an amazing experience with Swimfinity. Our 4 year old daughter had an unfounded fear of the water and after making very little progress with traditional swimming   lessons, we turned to the Swimfinity team to help. The first 2 sessions were stressful for her but not only did she learn to blow bubbles, kick, float and go under water, but she now   has a LOVE for swimming and learning more strokes etc. She would happily swim 3x a day and she is incredibly proud of her accomplishments. We are extremely grateful to the   team at Swimfinity for their measured, reasonable, kind yet firm approach and for turning our daughter into a happy and safe little swimmer!

Jiayao Z.

“I cannot say enough good things about Swimfinity, and in particular Nico, who my daughter did Swim Float Swim with. He taught her the skills necessary to keep her safe around a pool and gave her the confidence to not only complete the program but also to be more successful in everyday life. I can’t recommend this program enough. We are so thankful for him and Swimfinity.”

Sara L.

“We have had an amazing experience at Swimfinity.

My 5 and 2 year-old daughters were very timid (wouldn’t put their face in) around water, despite lessons at our local YMCA and community centers. I felt strongly that they needed to be more comfortable in the water in order to be safe.

Amazingly, they both happily went under water during their first lesson at Swimfinity. They have made ginormous progress in the last 6 weeks alone. My 5 year old is swimming independently!

The staff has been gentle, fun, and supportive. We have had lessons with Dianne, Flora, and Ali. My daughters love all of them! They can’t wait to get back in the pool each and every week.

The commitment and price is well worth it!”

Anna K.

Meaghan R.

“Both my daughters attend weekly swim lessons at Swimfinity in North Salem and I am so proud of how far they have come! They’ve been attending lessons since just before the summer, both were extremely nervous about the water and could not swim independently. After about three weeks, my older daughter not only learned invaluable survival skills but was able to swim confidently enough that I didn’t have to hold her in the pool anymore. My younger daughter learned how to float on her back independently and is now learning overhand strokes at 4 years old. Swimfinity gave us the ability to enjoy our pool membership last summer as both girls couldn’t get enough of the water. I’m excited for how advanced they’ll be next summer when they return to camp and at our town pool. Thank you Swimfinity for giving my girls the confidence they needed in the water!”

Rachel Q.

“Swimfinity is such an amazing facility. Ali and her wonderful team of instructors taught my fearful three year old daughter the swim float technique in the survival swim class. They were so patient with her and encouraged her every step of the way even when she was crying and screaming in the pool. Being a mother of three children and owning a pool, I feel we are in a much safer place with my youngest daughter. She is now starting private swim lessons and we have been so impressed with Swimfinity that my older daughters (age 8 and age 6) are taking swimming lessons to improve their stroke technique. I wish I had enrolled my youngest daughter in these survival swim lessons sooner and I would recommend this facility to everyone I know! Thank you Swimfinity for everything!”

Karina B.

Best thing we have done for our kids!!!! Is worth every penny and every mile. I can’t say enough good things about it

Kaitlyn H.

“There is no place like Swimfinity! My daughter went from not being able to swim at all at age 3 to being able to get across the pool after her 2nd lesson. Two weeks later, she could swim-float-swim. Today, she is nationally ranked for her age and swims competitively year-round for Ridgefield Aquatic Club. Swimfinity also taught my oldest daughter strokes and 6 months later, she made the team at Ridgefield Aquatic Club. I am so grateful to Swimfinity, Ms.Ali, and her team!

Jordan G.

“Swimfinity has exceeded every expectation I had. I am very confident in my 1-year old son’s ability to stay afloat in water. The staff have done an incredible job and made myself and baby feel comfortable. I am still amazed by what my son is able to do in a pool after just a few lessons. I can’t say enough and I am excited to continue having my son take lessons. The facility and locker rooms are also very clean.”

Johana B.

Swimfinity is by far the best swimming school there is. They are great with kids and they guarantee your child will learn to swim. I currently have my 3 kids ages 1, 4, & 6 years old enrolled. My oldest is currently in the last level which is pre-competition. We have been going for 1 year I highly recommend Swimfinity! Thank you for all that you do!!!

Kristen W.

I can not say enough!!! The survival swim was 12 lessons and was the best money spent. For class 1 my son couldn’t hold his breath and cried. The class had to be cut short because he was so worked up. By class 2 completely different child. By class 3 he was doing things I never imagined. Now he’s able to swim and float. He’s able to jump in the pool, go down the slide and do flips under the water. The confidence he has now is amazing! Thank you to his instructor Allie and all of the staff at Swimfinity!

Jeanette L.

“Swimfinity came highly recommended and has worked miracles for us. Prior to taking the accelerated course, my daughter who is 3, was hesitant to even get her face wet in the bathtub. After only two classes, her fear totally went away. She continues to take weekly classes and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The staff is amazing and Travis, who she loves, provided a safe environment for my daughter to learn. If you’re looking for a place that will teach your children water safety in a fun atmosphere, this is it!!”

Joanna F.

“Swimfinity has been nothing short of amazing and the best investment we’ve made for our kids. Our two boys 5 and 2 completed their learn to swim program in six weeks after having no previous instruction. They are continuing lessons in group now to continue their swimming skills. All of the instructors are highly knowledgeable, professional, and kind, and their dedication to teaching the kids shows. We highly recommend them to everyone we know, all ages and any swim level.”

Amanda S.


Phillip C.

“We have tried different swim programs for our kids (4 and 2), but they just don’t compare to Swimfinity. This is a terrific program. The instructors are terrific, and you will not believe how quickly they teach the kids from water survival to beginning their strokes. It really is tremendous to see the progress, and our kids look forward to it!”

Nikki G.

“Christopher started Swimfinity at 13 months old. Within the first three weeks of survival lessons with Nico, it was amazing to see how quickly he was learning the swim, float, swim method. He is now in weekly group classes with Brian and doing extremely well at just 22 months old. I highly recommend Swimfinity and am looking forward to signing up my other son in a couple of months.”

Martina H.

“My daughter has learned so much and LOVES the water thanks to Erin, Karen & Brian. The teachers have all been patient and nurturing and the activities are fun and get results! We highly recommend Swimfinity!”

Thomas R.

“My 4 year old daughter learned to swim here. She was very scared in the beginning but the instructors did a great job helping her to get over her fears!”

Danielle L.

“My husband and I enrolled both my daughters (4 and 1 years old) in the survival swim course. Ms. Karen was their instructor and she is the absolute best. Her dedication to the program and the children she teaches is extremely admirable. We feel forever indebted to Ms. Karen and all the staff at Swimfinity for teaching our girls to survive in the water. What they learned in such a short period of time was amazing to witness. It speaks volumes of the program at Swimfinity. Hands down the best money spent!”

Erin I.

“My 14 month old just finished the learn to swim and I cannot believe how fast it works! He is able to float all on his own! Truly giving us piece of mind going into the summer and beyond! Highly highly recommend Swimfinity! Worth the price!”

Evie Z.

“Best money you will ever spend if you have kids! After seeing the story about the drowning of Bode Miller’s daughter in a pool surrounded by people I quickly signed my little one up for lessons at Swimfinity. It was worth every penny. This is a skill a child will have with them for the rest of their life and it is a heck of a process to watch. After thinking the method wouldn’t work, to my surprise the team knew what they were during and were able to teach even the most hesitant swimmers how to survive. I have watched kids go from kicking and screaming on the way to the pool to weeks later crying they don’t want leave on the way out. This place is magic, what they teach is priceless! I can’t recommend it enough.”

Meg S.

My son had the BEST experience at Swimfinity, we cannot say enough good things. Nico made my son Charlie feel comfortable and gave him the confidence that he needed. Charlie looks forward to going to swimming each and everyday.

John S

I can not say enough good things about swimfinity and their staff!! For us personally swimming is a life skill, and watching our son transform from day 1 until current time is unbelievable. From being unsure, to becoming confident in the water, happy going down slides, smiling and slashing with coaches, watching him learn how to swim, get out of a pool safely, and everything in between… well that’s what it all about!
The staff and coaches truly make you feel like family and cheer on your children with you!! The patience & care they have shows they are so proud of what they do! watching lesson to lesson is incredible, while knowing your child is in the best hands.
We are so thankful we found a loving program that works!! ❤️ you guys rock!!

Marla W.

My younger son went from being hesitant to absolutely loving his swim lessons and he is so proud of himself learning to swim (swim-float-swim). We did the 6 week program and now he is in weekly group lessons. As a parent, I feel such a sense of relief that he is building a lifelong (and life-saving) skill. My older son, who already knows how to swim, is in Stroke school. He has a great time and is learning a lot.