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Construction Underway!

Construction at Swimfinity Swimming Academy is well under way! We are currently digging to accommodate our 90 degree Saltwater pool! We anticipate opening June 1st, 2019. Summer registration is open! Your child will be swimming in weeks, not years. Conveniently...

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Wishing You All A Happy & Safe New Year! Welcome 2019

Now that we all are back from long cold vacations! 🙂 Well hopefully some of us were able to take a vacation to somewhere warm... here in New England we won't be out sunbathing for many months, so it's indoor pools for quite sometime. Well while we're at the pool with...

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Happy Holidays

We would like to wish you all happy holidays! As we travel to see our loved ones, some of us may be staying at hotels and or resorts (hopefully somewhere nice and warm, and with family)... so please remember to keep a close eye on those you love, especially if you are...

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Back to School

For all those families who have kids in school again, and they have a gym class which includes swimming in the curriculum, remember to check the schools swim safety policy (which every school should have) and be sure to share your concerns or interests when it comes...

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Enjoy Your Summer, Be Safe & Be Aware.

More than 75,000 people have signed the pledge to keep their loved ones safe. We recommend anyone who has young children (or any kids for that matter) and who may be around water this summer, to consider doing so. The National Safety Council is a non-profit...

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Fun In The Sun

The big summer holidays is almost upon us… the 4th of July. It’s the perfect time to enjoy some fun in the sun, perhaps to the beach or the pool! I am sure it doesn’t hurt to remind our loved ones to stay safe and always be vigilant, especially those of us with large...

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