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Will my baby enjoy swimming lessons?

Many parents wonder whether their child will enjoy swimming lessons. We know there are many benefits of teaching children how to swim, however, we want to be sure our child has the best possible experience. Our swimming classes are designed to help children stay safe...

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Vote to win a trip to Great Wolf Lodge!

Place your vote and be entered for a to win a trip to Great Wolf Lodge!! Swimfinity Swimming Academy has been nominated to win Best Place to Learn to Swim! There are only a few days left to share your vote and be entered to win a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge. Share...

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Swimfinity’s Newest YouTube video promo goes live!

Swimfinity goes to the deep end! Our first video promo of 2017, testing out the waters with our social media. This latest video touches on the benefits of swim lessons for a life saving skills and life long lessons, all in an effort to build a life long love for...

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Teaching Your Child To Swim

To Prepare For Challenges When you have a small child, you are always concerned for their safety and probably wondering whether or not they have the tools they need in order to build a successful future. You might have considered that learning how to swim can improve...

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2015 Infant Aquatics Network Conference

50 certified Infant Aquatic Survival Specialists gathered in Atlanta for the 2015 bi-annual Infant Aquatics Network Continuing Education Conference. The conference was an opportunity for instructors from five continents to make connections and enhance their teaching...

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